For Office Setup Installation

In order to setup your office for the first time, the process is simple. Follow the steps carefully that are written below. If you will miss out any one of the follow step you might get errors, so lets get started with your office setup by

  1. Everyone knows before entering into the room you must have a key that will unlock the room. First of all you will have to purchase the key from the online stores. You can also buy it from the market.
  2. Now lets consider that you have key card in hand. You have to know scratch the area where the surface is covered with silver marking.
  3. You can use the coin or nail to scratch the area to reveal the 25 digit key code that is underneath the silver area.
  4. Lets open upon your device and connect it with internet.
  5. After you have your device ready and the key card in your hand, you are ready to setup your office in website.
  6. Now open the browser on your device. Every browser will work. Type on the address bar.
  7. You can see now there are two options “Sign in ” with your Microsoft account or to “Create an new account” .
  8. Once you will sign in with your Microsoft account you will see a page where you have punch the key details like country, 25 digits of the key card & language.
  9. If you don’t have an account, you can click on create new one and sign in to see the key page.
  10. After you will type the key details, you have to click on the next option there.
  11. You will see another page where you have to click on “Install” option. You will see the file will get downloaded by the name of “setup.exe”.
  12. When the download is completed you have to “open” or “run” this setup file. If you can find that file just go-to downloads and run it there.

13.Now its installing the files on your computer system. It might take few minutes to install it completely on your disk.


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